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VLine route Nhill - Melbourne Via Ararat & Ballarat 14 Sep 2017


Stop nameTime
Car Park Rear Toilet Block/Lloyd St (Dimboola)13:40
Fisher St/Western Hwy (Pimpinio)13:55
Coach Terminal/24 Roberts Ave (Horsham)14:0714:15
Dadswells Bridge Motel/Western Hwy (Dadswells Bridge)14:41
Stawell Railway Station (Stawell)15:05
Cubitt St/Western Hwy (Great Western)15:16
Ararat Railway Station (Ararat)15:32
Hotel/Western Hwy (Buangor)15:49
Beaufort Railway Station (Beaufort)16:02
Trawalla PS/Western Hwy (Trawalla)16:09
Ballarat Railway Station (Ballarat Central)16:55
Stop nameTime