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Everything you need to know about travelling by train and public transport in Australia - all in one website.
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Australia is a large and diverse country full of surprises and contradictions. Yes, we have our famous outback, and lots of it, but we are also one of the most urbanised nations - with big cities with lots of public transport.

Whether you live here and are looking for a great way to see your own country, or you are a visitor eager to discover this island nation, train travel might just be for you.

This website aims to help you plan your journey. We have online timetables of every train and tram service plus many buses and ferries too.
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Metropolitan train, tram and ferry networks in Australia's major cities.
Sydney trains, trams and ferries
Melbourne trains and trams
Brisbane trains and busways
Perth trains
Adelaide trains, trams and O-Bahn
Canberra trains and trams
VLine train at Trafalgar, Victoria.
Long distance, country and interstate trains and buses across Australia
Summary map of Australia
All trains in Australia
Trains in Queensland
Trains in New South Wales
Trains in Victoria & SA
Trains in Western Australia and NT
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We are not associated with any transport operators and our income comes from advertising on this website. We believe train travel, and public transport generally, has so much potential, and we want to share the possibilites with everyone. Enjoy your travels.

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