Trainlink Gympie

Bus service operated by Queensland Rail
13 16 17

What are the COVID impacts on Public Transport?

QR Traveltrain Long Distance trains and connecting buses in Queensland are significantly impacted by efforts to contain Covid19. Coastal trains between Brisbane, Bundaberg, Rockhampton and Cairns are operating to modified timetables offering reduced frequency services. Check QR Traveltrain website for exact timetables. Inland trains are all currently suspended - including: The Westlander (Brisbane to Charleville), The Spirit of the Outback (Brisbane - Rockhampton - Longreach), The Inlander (Townsville-Mount Isa), Kuranda Tourist Train (Cairns-Kuranda) and The Gulflander (Normanton-Croydon)

[Updated Fri 27-Mar-2020 ]

Place (click name)Tu&FM&ThM-FSuWFDailySunSu-FSatTu&ThSu-FM&FTue
Gympie North03:5006:3007:1012:0012:1012:4513:3616:3517:0019:3821:0721:45
Place (click name)Tu&FM&ThM-FSuWFDailySunSu-FSatTu&ThSu-FM&FTue
Place (click name)M&ThM-FSuWFDailySunSu-FSatTu&ThSu-FM&ThTue
Gympie North06:0506:4511:3511:4512:2013:1516:1016:3519:1320:4221:20
Place (click name)M&ThM-FSuWFDailySunSu-FSatTu&ThSu-FM&ThTue
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